Winter can be a tough time for families – especially young families. The pressure’s on financially and socially around events like Christmas, and then during the school holidays and weekends, the weather can make it hard to play outside and burn off energy, leading to fractious afternoons indoors.


Today we’re taking a look at family activities you can do in the winter, to help harness that energy and spend quality time together.


Getting Outdoors


Yes, the days are shorter and colder, and rain is more likely, but it’s still possible to get outside, and teaching the children they still have the option of walking, running and playing outdoors, even when the weather is imperfect, is a lesson that will serve them well all their lives.


The old adage among walkers is that there’s no bad weather, only the wrong clothes. Make sure your kids carefully waterproofed outside (anoraks and over-trousers for older ones, puddle suits for younger children) and warm on the inside and you’ll be able to enjoy winter walks as a family, enjoying frosty landscapes, how the animals cope with the winter and even signs of spring.


If you’re looking for a more focussed activity then a Treasure Trails scavenger hunt provides focus and a sense of adventure! Solving puzzles and mysteries together makes for a great day out that can help you ignore the inclement weather and leads neatly into our next point.


Games at Home


Board games can be a great way to play as a family in the depths of the winter. Frustration can lead to arguments when you’re playing together though, and it’s important to make sure you’re not steering into a family fight instead of family fun.


Set a good example by not getting too competitive: show that it’s more important that you’re doing something together than one of you winning. Even better would be to stretch a bit beyond the most popular family board games and find games and at-home escape rooms where you all work together rather than against each other.




In the depths of the winter crafting is a traditional way to pass the time, learn new skills and enjoy yourself when it’s too cold and dark to venture out. This is another great way to work together – either on one big project that uses all your skills, or simply on your separate crafts at the same time.


Sewing a quilt together out of individual squares is a great project to collaborate on, with every member of the family able to contribute their individual creativity to the whole project.


If you’re trying to introduce your kids to craft activities for the first time this winter, there are lots of different entry points for them to get started. French knitting – also known as spool knitting – is a great introduction to sewing skills, and making a scrapbook can be used to introduce different kinds of papercraft and preserve precious memories together.

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