Bali blinds are gaining in popularity, not in the least because they come in so many different colors. These window blinds are traditionally made of either aluminum or vinyl. They come in vertical models and mini blind models, which means that you can really personalize the look and feel of any room in your house. If you want to really coordinate the look of your décor, you could even combine horizontal and vertical Bali blinds in one room. Naturally, the size and shape of your window, as well as the room in which it is placed, will to a great extend determine the type of blind that is right to you. However, Bali blinds can also be custom-made, which means it can fit even the most awkward shaped window.


How to Use Bali Blinds

If you were to choose vertical Bali blinds made from vinyl, you will find that the slats are an inch in width. With horizontal aluminum models, however, the slats tend to be two inches in width. The vertical modes and mini blinds are most commonly used in the kitchen and bathroom, or in any other room where the levels of moisture and humidity tend to be quite high. The blinds will almost always come with a head rail to block the light, but they don’t have a valance. They have been designed to make them easy to install between the facings of the window itself. This means you can attach a fabric valance if you want.

If you prefer a modern look, you could go for aluminum micro blinds, which have half an inch slats. These all come in a huge range of different colors. Aluminum blinds also have an advanced finishing technology, which means that they are dust and dirt resistant, as well as being very easy to clean. It is also very difficult to scratch or dent them. Hence, if you want to have a sneaky peep out of your window, you can just pull the slats apart rather than lifting the whole blind.

In order to keep your blinds clean, you only have to vacuum them every once in a while. If you notice that there is a stain anywhere on the blinds, a damp cloth with lukewarm water and a gentle detergent is all that you need to clean it. You can also remove each individual vane and soak it in water if they need a more serious cleaning. As a handy tip, leaving a very thin layer of soap on the individual vanes will stop them from becoming static. In other words, you don’t even have to wash them completely clean.

Bali blinds are loved for their durability. Once you buy them, you won’t have to buy new ones for quite some time. They give you privacy and are excellent at blocking the light out. Take your time to find the design that is most suitable to your personal needs and enjoy your new décor.

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